Caato Time Tracker+

Now available on Mac and iOS App Stores


In Sync

Caato Time Tracker+ synchronizes automatically between your iPhones, Macs, and your Apple Watch.


Caato Time Tracker+ was designed and streamlined in close cooperation with our clients to make this the most effortless time tracking solution for Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch.


Caato Time Tracker+ has powerful features such as folders, notes, search, Excel export and more. Yet, it's extremely simple to use.

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Feature Overview

  • Tracking Area with Folders, Projects and Activities
  • Time Entries with Notes
  • Report View with detailed Time Entries
  • Sorting by Alphabet, Manual Order or Tracking History
  • Date Range Filter
  • Power Search
  • Excel and CSV Export
  • Menubar Status
  • Dynamic App Icon

What you can do in detail


  • Choose an individual Folder color
  • Sort alphabetically, manually or by last tracked project


  • Sort alphabetically, manually or by last tracked Project and Activities
  • Track multiple projects at once


  • Start and Pause with one click for easy tracking
  • Sort alphabetically, manually or by last tracked Activity
  • Manually add time entries for a particular Activity
  • Edit entries in the past and in the future

Time Entries

  • Generate detailed Time Entries including seconds
  • Add Notes to your Time Entries
  • Copy Time Entry data to your clipboard

Report View

  • Get a Time Entry overview, related to the date range filter, search and selected hierarchy
  • Instantly edit time entry start and end times by clicking in the hour or minute fields
  • Prepare your reports and exports e.g. for monthly billing

Totals Display with Date Range Filter

  • Select a custom date range or one of the great presets and see how much you have worked in total and on each Client, Project or Activity in the selected date range

Power Search

  • Search Folders, Projects, Activities and Time Entry Notes with instant feedback


  • Export all Time Entries from the Time Entry Report View to an Excel or CSV file

Menubar Item

  • See if Caato Time Tracker is running in the Menubar
  • Stop the currently tracking item from the Menubar

Dynamic App Icon

  • See how much you have worked today or how many projects you are currently tracking within the app icon


  • Allow or Disallow tracking multiple projects at once
  • Tell Caato Time Tracker+ to convert 8 or 24 hours to a day
  • Tell Caato Time Tracker+ to show the number of currently tracked projects or today‚Äôs working hours in its app icon
  • Tell Caato Time Tracker+ if your workweek starts on Sunday or Monday


  • Get great and friendly support

More candy

  • Native OS X Yosemite, iPhone and Apple Watch Apps
  • Retina display support



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